Activity vs Inactivity

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Jesus spent 3.5 years doing things for others. He healed, preached, taught, even fed people. The crowds were always great because the need was great. But at Gethsemane everything changed. Overnight Jesus went from doing things for others, to having things done to Him. Betrayed, kissed, arrested, passed around, beaten, humiliated, and finally killed. And yet it was in His inactivity, more so even than His activity, that Jesus did the most beautiful thing He had to do for us. “No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” – John 10:18. Sure salvation will manifest into doing some things for God and others. But the greatest, most difficult, portion is letting It be done to us. Therefore our inactivity plays as much a part of our New Life as our activity. Just as Jesus’ greatest work was done to Him, our greatest work is done to us. It is received as a gift and no amount of activity can increase our value to Him.

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